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Aqua-Rex WK1

Aqua-Rex WK1E

Aqua-Rex WK1P

Aqua-Rex WK2

Aqua-Rex WK3

Aqua-Rex WK4

Aqua-Rex WK5

Aqua-Rex, through its Reps, offers “Lunch and Learn” training that is valuable for Engineers and Contractors as well as breakfast meetings for Service Plumbers. As an accredited provider of continuing training in the UK, Jonny Seccombe is a regular speaker at ASPE meetings across the US. Contact the Las Vegas office to arrange presentation dates.

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Aqua Rex PHC Article

Technical research data illustrating the softening effect of Water-King. This research was carried out at the request of the Advertising Standards Authority in 1996.

Water Conditioning & Purification October 2006

An informative two part article written by Jonny Seccombe for the American Society of Plumbing Engineers monthly magazine. Plumbing Systems & Design November/December 2010.
Aqua Rex 12 Page Booklet 1up

An article written by Jonny Seccombe for Plumbing Engineer magazine – May 2015
Plumbing Engineer Article may 2015